Kava Natural Stress Relief

Kava Natural Stress Relief

April is stress awareness month and this is very important news for me to draw to your attention – it gives me the opportunity to tell you about how kava kava is a natural stress relief agent!

According to statisticbrain.com the American Psychology Association (APA) has reported that over 70% of the United States of America’s population suffers from stress and stress-related symptoms [1]. According to Foxnews, the APA has also indicated that American teens are actually more stressed out than the adult population [3]! I fear that this might show a trend toward stressful living styles – intensified pressures from school and from parents encouraging the Western conception of success in their children – money, money, money! Yikes! This is certainly something that needs to be nipped in the bud! School stresses can take their toll on student work, this is why sites like collegepaperworld.com can help students out during this time, as they try and navigate their way through their education. Stress can result in a lack of sleep, which in turn results in a lack of focus and energy. Adrafinil has been encouraged to people suffering from this chain of events. You will most likely find the best place to buy adrafinil online.

Fortunately, for as much of a trend as there seems to be toward stressful living and resultant anxieties and health problems, the world is also finally starting to come to a heightened sense and understanding of century-old wisdom about natural remedies, which are becoming more and more widespread, accepted, and appreciated! The world is becoming more knowledgeable about the true needs and limits of the human body and there are options you could consider such as cbd soap to aid with certain health problems. The use of cannabis as a stress reliever has been well documented. In fact, dispensary supplies now cater to the numerous ways that people now want to enjoy cannabis which have been enhanced by developing technologies. However, people are turning to natural options for answers to their everyday problems; for example, stress relief options like kava kava root and herb blends infused with Kava.

Kava kava is becoming more and more recognized for its natural stress relief properties and I cannot be more pleased! Kava is not physically damaging when used correctly, is affordable, and absolutely completely naturally graced upon this earth. It grows from the fertile and nutrient-rich ground that we walk on, and Kava has been used for centuries by the South Pacific island peoples; and South Pacific islanders are certainly well known for their happiness and carefree ways – perhaps we can learn quite a bit from them and their lifestyle!

An article recently posted on petoskey.com tells us about how popular Kava has become for stress relief in the United States. One health food and herbal remedy store manager – Lee Anne Dunkley of JoJo’s Natural Market – tells us about just how popular kava kava is. With reference to what people buy to alleviate their stress Dunkley stated: “usually people ask for Kava” [5].

Kava is even becoming popular on more of a mainstream market basis. Recently a “1Hour break” stress and anxiety relief spray has been launched on the market and it includes our beloved Kava along with other natural stress relief herbs, such as lemon balm and passionflower [2]. Although I’m sad to see Kava become so commercialized – I’m overcome with joy that people are discovering its healthy uses and using it to aid their troubled souls and to help with everyday problems. Unfortunately, many people across the Americas and other parts of the world have been using Prozac and other harmful pharmaceuticals to combat their stress and anxiety; these drugs have been shown to have brain-damaging effects and to cause other health problems [4]. I can only hope to one day see a completely healthy and drug free world – and for this I pray to the Kava spirits on a daily basis.

The tragic symptoms of stress can be caused by all kinds of things including debt issues, relationship problems or even something as simple as a bad day at work. But, just because there are stressful situations everywhere doesn’t mean you or your loved ones have to let them get you bummed or stressed out – you can combat them with a Kava lifestyle of simplistic living, happiness, exercise, time with nature, a natural diet, lots of love and of course your daily dose of Kava!


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  1. Leslie

    How to make a weak kava tea?

    • Kava Guru


      I’m not sure if I read the question right – you want to know how to make a weak Kava tea? There is pre-made Kava tea in the marketplace, and my favorite is Yogi Kava Tea. That product is already weak when it comes to a Kava tea, but if that’s what you’re looking for, than that might be the perfect product for you. If I drink that tea, I usually use 4 tea bags instead of one, but I’m looking for a little kick from my Kava tea.

      Hope that helps!


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