Kava Review – Root of Happiness

If you’re looking for flat out strong Kava Root, then you’ve found your perfect Kava at Root of Happiness.  Focusing on Kava with a kick, this is some of the strongest product we’ve discovered to date. Make no mistake; Root of Happiness fully intends to appeal to the discerning Kava Connoisseur crowd, with prices to match.

But, if the old adage of “you get what you pay for” ever fits, it certainly does with Root of Happiness Kava.  Their Kava tends to be double the price of similar competing brands (such as Bula Kava), but there is a reason that you can tell from the moment you catch the first sniff of this exquisite Kava Kava Root.

Root of Happiness is run by two guys who also happen to run a Kava Bar of the same name near Sacremento, CA.  They don’t seem to have a website as of this writing, but I did find their Root of Happiness Facebook page.  When I search for them on an unnamed Search Engine that may rhyme with “Oogle”, not much comes up.  There is an article about them over at Kava.com called “FEATURED – Root of Happiness“, which seems to point you to the only place I’ve found their product available online; at the “Root of Happiness Kava Marketplace” page for them.  There, you can buy all the products they have to offer, including their “Premium Fijian Ground Kava Root“, their exquisite “Premium Solomon Island Ground Kava Root” or the “Premium Vanuatu Ground Kava Root“.

For our money, though, the cremè de la cremè of Kava products is one offered by Root of Happiness.  And that, dear readers, is their Premium Kava Tincture.  That blend, by far, is the strongest and most giggle-inducing Kava product we’ve ever encountered outside of a Kava ceremony that involves freshly-pounded root.  It doesn’t take much; just a single dropperful to see what all the fuss is about.

I hope to track the owners down in the next couple of weeks, so I can post something a little more personal about them and their Kava story.  The moment I do, I’ll simply add onto this article.  If you’ve got anything related to Root of Happiness, please feel free to add it to the comments below.  I’d love to hear about their Kava Bar and what the experience is like.

Root of Happiness gets 5 Shells out of 5.


  1. Jennifer

    These guys are legit. I’ve been to their Kava Bar in Davis, Ca and Tyler and Travis took the time to break down Kava, its history, and traditions. I’ve also tried quite a few of their kava powders and extracts and have never been let down by their products.

  2. JH

    Tried the Soloman Island and WOW. Knocked me on my rear. Taste is strong, but it’s matched by the effects so it’s well worth it. Customer service is good and they’re a local business for me, I’ll happily buy from them again.

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