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Who Made You Guru?Keith Cleversley Kava Guru

My name is Keith Cleversley, and I want to make it clear that I make no claims as to being a Kava Guru of any sort.  I do know a great deal about Kava: I’ve been in the Kava business since the late 1990’s. That’s when I began my love affair with and study of Kava, Kava cultivation, and farming Kava.  I’ve also written at least a couple hundred articles related to Kava, which can be seen in various places, including here.

The actual Kava Gurus are all of the researchers, doctors, Phd’s and other authorities whom I quote here on Kava.Guru.  And, all of the informational articles published here share one key feature in common: Minus my few editorials, only researched and referenced informational articles are typically posted here. Also, there are and will be interviews with people I’ve had the good fortune and pleasure of having interesting conversations with over the years, and who love Kava just as much I do. I’m excited to see this website take shape and grow, and hope you decide to stick around and read or comment or ask a question or two.

With so many websites appearing with the main goal of selling Kava, I wanted to do something a little different with Kava Guru.  I wanted to get the expertise of researchers, of authors, explorers, and experimenters. I also want anyone who’s published something to do with Kava that seems interesting to me. I’ll share it with everyone here.  I also wanted to have a place where visitors could post questions, and in return, they would get a fully referenced, researched, and authoritative response.  Also, because of a personal tragedy, I couldn’t be directly involved in selling Kava online after 2013 and until 2020. So, here, at least I could still write, experience, explore, and share all I know about Kava.  I also wanted to keep it separate from Kona Kava Farm and KavaDotCom, so it could be my own independent project that I get to watch take shape as time passes.  (I have authored almost 100% of the content on the Kava Library, though.)

Amidst the overwhelming support for our efforts here, there have been a few rumblings here and there about how some feel that I’m biased towards specific Kava companies on this website.  I rarely give real estate to that kind of energy, and offer only this this brief thought: Of course I’m biased.  I have opinions about what constitutes good Kava, and share those opinions here, on my own website that I purchased, designed, authored, and maintain.  I can also honestly say that I’ve sampled Kava from virtually every online supplier I could find, and for many years now. I’ve seen farms and companies come and go.  I’ve tested countless samples in various labs, and only ended up with a few who’s product passed my standards for HPLC test results, was manufactured in an FDA-compliant GMP manufacturing facility, and/or was of a high enough verifiable Kavalactone percentage and quality that I seek out in the ‘Awa I consume personally.

I’m proud of the features I do on the Kava companies who I like most. Everyone has an equal chance to be featured; all I need is some Kava to review and to share with Facebook fans if you want me to to run a contest to accompany the feature, as well as some details about you and your philosophy on Kava.  I love this ancient root, and would love to review many more Kava companies!

But, as of this writing, my favorite place to purchase Kava is from Kava.com.  They’ve not only got an amazing “happy” cultivar of Noble Kava (including small amounts of Mahakea Kava from Hawaii), but they have a wide range of consistently high quality products from multiple vendors, alongside high quality Kava from other reputable online companies all in one mobile-friendly place.  How could I not love that and want to write about it and share the Kava Marketplace with as many as possible? I love everything about Kava, I have consumed it almost daily for the past 20+ years, and I’ll continue to do so for a long, long time to come.

Please feel free to share this journey to Kava Nirvana, and send me any question related to Kava that you want an answer to. If I choose to respond on Kava.Guru, it will be in the form of a referenced article.  If I don’t respond on Kava.Guru, I will respond personally via email.

Mahalo & Aloha,
Keith Cleversley

  1. Ronald Brunner

    Hi Keith. i was unable to find an answer to this question, but maybe I missed it. How long does kava effects remain in your system? If you take too much at night, will it make you feel impaired in the morning ?

    • Kava Guru


      Great question! Kava’s effects typically only last an hour or so. After that, you’ve got to consume more Kava to reactivate or continue the effects. Mind you, I’ve spent many, many evenings, consuming about a shell every 45 minutes, with evenings lasting 4-6 shells. Although the effects do build on themselves and one can get into quite a pleasant, relaxed state, the moment I stop consuming Kava, within an hour or so, the effects decrease dramatically and then taper off altogether.

      As far as a “Kava hangover”, I’ve heard a few people say that they’ve felt a little groggy the next morning, but, there are usually so many other factors involved. If you have an early night, drink plenty of water before bed, get a good and a full night’s sleep (Kava usually helps me have very restful sleep), you should feel 100% the next morning. I’ve often wished that I’d feel some aftereffects from Kava, but unless I’ve consumed alcohol as well as Kava, unless I’ve failed to eat any food, or unless I’ve stayed up most of the night enjoying my time with friends — I’m ready to face the next day, alert and refreshed.


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