Kava Recipe – Very Strong Kava

Kava Recipe - Very Strong KavaHere is a method I have developed which seems to work quite all right. Occasionally it can be a bit strong, so drink it slowly over some time (1 cup over 20 minutes or more).

4 tablespoons of kava powder

2 cups warm water –140 degrees Fahreheit or so — I boil it and let it cool for 5 minutes

1 cup milk

Blend on highest setting in a blender for 5 minutes. At this point, the beverage should look very dark, like coffee with cream. Dump this into secondary container(s). Then put a cloth paint strainer (unused for paint *wink*) over the blender pitcher. Pour the kava mix back into the blender-pitcher through the strainer, and let it cool for a bit. Squeeze the strainer dry, and save the used kava root (if you care to). You can get these paint strainers at Home Depot for maybe 60-80 cents a strainer. Very inexpensive, and it’s the best straining method I’ve used so far.

Now you have some fairly strong kava sitting in your blender pitcher. At this point I usually add a lot of chocolate syrup and some sugar (about 3-6 tbsp) for palatability. Blend again for ~30 seconds, until it is very dark and well mixed. Then transfer it to another container if you need to, and let it cool in the fridge overnight. Letting it cool works best for me in terms of effect. I have no idea why this is the case…does anyone know?

Next morning, you will have a good deal of strong kava (about 3 cups of liquid). Drink it slow, like I said. This will definitely bring on effects that I can only describe as inebriating. If drunk too quickly, it can be rather strong to say the least, so please consume in moderation.

When used with respect, though, I can say the effects are very nice. In any event, use caution and common sense, and don’t necessarily start with the amount I’ve used. I’ve been drinking Kava for a long time, and I may have built up a tolerance to Kava. But my recipe fro strong Kava isn’t that strong in the big picture. The usual amount of Kava for a recipe like this is about 2 tablespoons — I’m just double of that for this strong recipe. I also really like some kick to my Kava, so take that into consideration when following this recipe.

Take care,
Big Kap

If you have any great Kava recipes, please let us know.  If we like it we will post your idea and/or recipe and send off a free package of 4oz Powdered Kava Root from any one of the Kava suppliers we list or review here as a personal “Thank you!” to you.

  1. Peter Schultz

    What is the best kava root powder to buy? I am new to kava and would like to experiment with this herb for stress and anxiety. I take a prescribed medicine but would rather injest something that Mother Earth grows naturally.

    • Kava Guru


      Everyone has different preferences. I would say that to start, you should look for a high quality root from a reputable online store. Most of the Kava in places like Walgreens or GNC is heavily processed, and has little Kavalatone content. Places like Kava.com have all of their Kava tested for Kavalactone lineup and KAvalactone percentage, so you know exactly how much Kavalactone you’re getting in each batch of Kava. And for me, the most bang of my buck is always plain powdered Kava Root. It’s easy to make, you get a fresh serving of Kava each time, and properly-blended Kava has more than enough effect for anyone interested in finding out what Kava is all about. Since you’re looking for Kava specifically for stress and anxiety, Kavalactone 33% Capsules might be the best choice, and have certainly been shown to be effective for anxiety, but there’s something soothing about the entire process of making a Kava drink from powdered Kava root for me.


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