Kava Recipe – French Press Kava

Kava Recipe - French Press KavaThis is a simple Kava recipe that has worked amazingly well for me, and I thought I would share it with you:

1. Take 6 to 8 tablespoons of kava powder and place in a FRENCH PRESS COFFEE MAKER.

2. Add cold water and stir.

3. Let it sit for about 20 minutes till it starts to settle to the bottom.

4. Press down the French press plunger until it will go no farther (slow steady pressure), then pour off the clear, pure, very potent drink.

5. Raise the plunger, add some more water, and repeat until the drink is too weak to have any numbing effect on the tongue.

This is a great way to make ‘awa for a small group or keep it available for multiple doses (keep it in the fridge).  I have kept it for up to a week, and the Kava tasted just as it did the first day I made it, and had the same kick.

Try it. I think you’ll like it.


  1. JH

    I tried this and while I did get good effects from the result, the fine kava powder pretty much gummed up my French press to the point where the plunger wouldn’t go down because the kava was not allowing any water to pass through the strainer. I eventually managed to force it down only to have the same problem when I tried to pour it, the kava got stuck in the grates on the lid and would only allow through a trickle of liquid. I ended up removing the lid & strainer, sticking my immersion blender in for a whirl, and pouring it through a very fine mesh strainer which allowed me to stir & press the kava until the liquid made it through. I then repeated this process twice more with the same batch of kava powder; the second round was when I really started to feel it.

    Also I was using a 12 oz. press so I only used 4 tbs. of powder and filled the rest of the carafe with a 50/50 mix of water & soy milk. Aside from the initial hassle and a bit of a mess it worked, without having to buy any equipment I didn’t already own. So thanks!

    • Kava Guru


      Thanks for this helpful insight! I don’t personally use a French Press, but I have heard similar issues with French Presses and finely-ground Kava. I love my Vitamix; it’s been going strong for years, grinding up whole Kava root almost daily, without a complaint.

      I like your recipe; 50/50 with water and soy milk will give you the best kick from your extractions, as the natural fats in the soy milk will not only help Kavalactones extract from the Kava powder, but it helps your body more readily absorb the Kavalactones!

      Hope this help and thanks again for sharing!

      Keith and Kava.Guru

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