Free Bula Kava House Kava

Bula Kava House KavaBula Kava House is the second Kava vendor we’re featuring, as part of our Facebook Kava Promotion.  Bula Kava House has provided me with some of my favorite Kava over the past few years, and is really tied for my favorite Kava supplier.  They consistently offer several cultivars of Kava. What we offered on our Facebook Kava Promotion were their 4 current Powdered Kava Root cultivars; Borogu, Fu’u, Koniak, and Melo Melo.

The original post for this is called “Free KavaDotCom Kava“, but I’ll re-explain the rules for this (hopefully) fun experiment here. A few Kava vendors have asked to be featured on Kava Guru.  The moment the fourth request appeared in my Inbox, I got an idea.  Why not offer Kava from my favorite companies and/or from those who offer it to us for free? I could then hand it off to Facebook fans instead, with one stipulation: Anyone who requests the free Kava, must write a review for it corresponding posts here.

I put a number of my current (and few) favorite Kava vendors names into a hat.  As we get more Kava vendors requesting to have their Kava reviewed, I’ll add them to the hat, and continue pulling names.  I only have a few Kava suppliers I really like at the moment. But, I hope to discover more as this experiment continues.  Bula Kava House was definitely one of those suppliers who consistently provides high quality Kava.  We’re proud to feature them here for this contest.

The rules are simple:  Send an email to the address specified in the Facebook post requesting a package of Kava in the small window of time after the post is posted. This current offer is for 4 full 8 ounce packages of Kava.  I am using the honor system and will send off your Kava to you (or have each company drop-ship it to you). I simply request that you make your way back to here to post in the comments section what you felt about that Kava.  It can be as positive or negative as you wish, all I ask is that you’re honest in your review.

I’m a little worried that competitors will request the Kava and skew the results, but let’s see what happens.  This is meant to be a fun experiment, so hopefully, those who request the Kava will be doing out of a genuine desire to have fun and to write an honest review of what they thought of the Kava.

I won’t edit any of the reviews, and we as go through this, we’ll build a list of reviews for various Kava vendors that are based on Kava by unbiased reviewers who won’t include anything about their purchase experience in their review.  It will be pure Kava review, about the Kava and only the Kava.

So, join the promotion, and let us know what you think about Bula Kava House; one of our Featured Kava Suppliers.


  1. Kevin Hoyland

    I was hoping to get the free kava that was posted on Facebook. Also I was wondering if you know a place in Knoxville, TN, or know how I can get some. Been craving some for a while. My address is 1822 meadowland lane, Louisville, TN 37777, thank you for your time.

    • Kava Guru

      Hi, Kevin!
      If you visit our Facebook page you can find the rules for entering our free kava drawings. Unfortunately, our current drawing is closed, but we offer free kava fairly regularly throughout the year. Please Like our page to keep up on the freshest kava news, including our free kava drawings!

      Your best bet for finding great kava is through an online vendor. You can buy Bula House Kava, and kava from several other awesome vendors, at the Kava Marketplace run by the folks at Kava Dot Com.

  2. Luis

    I hope this is the right place to post my review…

    This is one of the smoothest Vanuatu Kava strains I’ve had. When I first started drinking kava I was all about Vanuatu strains but after trying Hawaiian, I made the switch and have been on it for the last year. This Melo Melo is bringing me back though. It has a really nice strength to it. Very quick to numb the tongue and numb it well but not so harsh on the bitterness. I had a few shells and felt a nice balance of body and head relaxation. I think if you’ve had kava for a while you notice some strains are one or the other, but rarely both. Seriously considering adding a couple bags of this strain to my stash. Thanks for the hookup Kava Guru!

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