Kava kava on the Uprise!

Buy Kava Lately there’s been a lot of very wonderful news circulating the web about kava kava. Overall it seems to be the case that the many wonders of Kava are spreading through North America and are continuing to be a healthy socioeconomic presence in the South Pacific and elsewhere around the world.

In terms of Western Kava bliss, and spreading Kava excitement – the owners of Square Rüt, a Kava bar in Austin, Texas – are proud to announce that they are opening another bar! Scott Pingel – a co-owner of Square Rüt – has announced that they will be opening another Square Rüt location at 51st and Burnet Rd. in Austin. There is some talk that the owners may even consider opening a third Kava bar in the very near future [1]! This exciting announcement is coming just over a month after the news of a Kava bar opening in Boone, North Carolina. What does this tell us!? Kava and kava kava bars are spreading through North America and North Americans are enjoying the many healthy benefits of Kava more and more!!

“It’s going to totally relax every muscle in your body, but keeps your mind alert and focused, so there’s no buzz nor type of impairment, total relaxation”, said Scott Pingel in an interview with Kvue [1].

In terms of Kava news out of the South Pacific, there’s a Vanuatu update that helps to offset the foul taste left in our mouths after receiving the bad news out of Fiji last month. There was a bit of a scare when it was announced that Fijian authorities are attempting to put restrictions on Kava use in the island communities. This is a restriction that will greatly affect the Fijian agricultural population. The Fijian Times recently posted a story about a woman, Katarina Naviri, whose sole income is in Kava farming. Katarina and her family have had great success in Kava farming and should the ban go through it will likely greatly affect Katrina’s family as well as many other Fijian families in a similar situation [3]. It’s still unclear if this Fijian government restriction will be going through, but fortunately there has recently been some good news out of Vanuatu to offset this Fijian scare.

The following quote headlined a broadcast by Radio New Zealand International: “The Vanuatu Government is re-structuring the Vanuatu Commodities Marketing Board into a more farmer-focused, innovative and transparent institution [2].”

The broadcast goes on to tell us that the Vanuatu Digest – a news platform out of Vanuatu – informs the public that these policy changes are being made in an attempt to totally wipe out agricultural poverty in the island by 2016 [2].

While this is only a couple of years away, it’s not impossible given the incredibly high density of Vanuatu Kava farmers and farmers of other commodities with a high international demand; commodities like cocoa beans and copra [2]. Vanuatu is actually one of the top sources of Kava trade throughout the South Pacific and internationally, so it’s an incredible relief to know that at least some of the South Pacific islands are making an attempt to retain Kava farming tradition and socioeconomic stability.

While I’m still nervously awaiting an update on the Fijian policy recommendations with regard to Kava consumption in the islands, I am nonetheless overjoyed to get wind of the most recent international Kava news. Kava kava is clearly on an uprise around the world, with Kava bars spreading throughout the United States, and the South Pacific islands continuing to traditionally farm and trade the Piper methysticum root – or, the Kava root of happiness.


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