Kava Review – Kava Dot Com

This Kava Supplier definitely counts as being one of the most interesting websites we’ve ever visited. For many years, Kava Dot Com has been a source for unbiased Kava information. In 2013 they made a bold move; they decided to go from being an informational website to an eCommerce website. Are we glad they did?

They started the Kava Marketplace; an online store featuring Kava Kava from a number of different Kava suppliers. They also introduced their own brand of Kava in two disctinct grades; Hawaiian Kava with about 4% kavalactone content, and Vanuatu Noble with a minimum of 8% kavalactone and a very “happy” 4-2-6 chemotype. We were a bit skeptical of their Vanuatu Noble variety and thought perhaps that was nothing more than some marketing hype. But we’re pleased to report that their Vanuatu Noble Kava truly lives up to its name, and a little digging into what exactly a 426 kavalactone lineup revealed some very interesting information.

In short, there are 6 major kavalactones out of the 18 in total that have been discovered. Those 6 major kavalactones have been assigned numbers, and it turns out that kavalactone levels are actually “fingerprints” for Kava, and allows one to determine the origin of any Kava root. So, the Vanuatu Kava, with it’s 4-2-6 kavalactone lineup, has a high concentration of kavain (4), with dihydrokavain (2) following, with a 3rd major component of methysticin (6). It turns out that kavain and dihydrokavain encourage dopamine release in the brain, making the Vanuatu Noble variety one of the most pleasurable Kavas out there.

Interestingly enough, it turns out that a specific cultivar of Hawaiian Kava called “Mahakea” Kava, also can have a kavalactone lineup of 426 as well. So, whether it’s a Hawaiian cultivar called Mahakea or the Kava Dot Com Vanuatu Noble Kava Root, if a happy, pleasant repose that lasts longer than one might expect is your cup of tea (or should I say “shell of Kava”), then look no further than KavaDotCom and their Kava Marketplace for your Kava.

If you’re looking for flat out strong but giddy Kava Root, then you’ve found your perfect Kava. If you’re looking for a more complex, and perhaps a more cultured Kava, then the various offerings from Bula Kava definitely fit the bill.

But, Kava Dot Com doesn’t stop at just Kava Root. They’ve got lots of Hawaiian-themed party favors, vegan chocolate, and an entire line of SuperFoods. We get it; Kava is good for a healthy life, and SuperFoods are also good to keep a body healthy to enjoy a happy life. We’re not sure how much SuperFood they’re selling at the Kava Marketplace, but good for them.

Not all Kava Suppliers are represented over at the Kava Marketplace, but we’re hoping to see more Kava Suppliers added as time goes on, as the positive reviews stack up, and other Kava Brands take notice. I know if I were a Kava Brand, I’d be giving the folks over at Kava Dot Com a call to see if they’d be interested in adding my product to their catalog and possibly starting a subscription service for loyal customers. If that becomes an option, FastSpring can help set up recurring billing payments for these services, so businesses and customers can both be happy with the outcome. Seems like a win-win for everyone involved.

Kava Dot Com gets 5 Shells out of 5.